Exterior Detailing

Investing in exterior maintenance and care is one of the best ways to protect your cars value! Turn to our auto store in Billings, MT that specializes in all types of exterior detailing that can help to protect your vehicle from wear and tear. Prime Shine of Billings is proud to be the only detailers in Billings, MT who are certified master applicators of IGL's flagship ceramic coating Kenzo. This world class, cutting edge ceramic coating is only available to certified installers!

We are a No Compromises shop
We know that trusting someone with your vehicle can be difficult, which is why we are a proud, no compromises shop. At our exterior detailing auto shop in Billings, MT, we want every vehicle to receive the same care and attention as one of our personal cars would receive. This means we:

  • Use clean mitts, towels, and buckets on every wash
  • Follow every precautionary measure possible to eliminate the possibility of of inducing damage
  • Apply every coating with brand new applicators and towels to eliminate potential contamination or coating failure
  • Work with our clients to educate them on how to properly maintain their investment themselves
  • Offer warranty on every coating for the full claimed durability period
  • Benefits of Properly Maintaining Your Vehicle

  • Protect the physical appearance of the vehicle
  • Helps retain the value of the vehicle
  • Prolongs the lifetime of the vehicle

  • Turn to Prime Shine of Billings for our exterior detailing services. Our coating and maintenance services are the best thing anyone can do for their vehicle and are an integral part of vehicle maintenance.

    Interested in an exterior detailing on your car, boat, trailer, camper, RV, motorcycle, plane, tractor, or any other type of vehicle? Stop by Prime Shine of Billings in Billings, MT today for our expert exterior detailing service that includes a hand washing, paint polishing, metal polishing, and trim restoration, to the best available protection.

    Not sure what type of care your car needs? Call us today for a free vehicle inspection and consultation for our exterior detailing!